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Banner Image for Episode 299: We Are (NOT) the Rainey Street Drowner

Episode 299: We Are (NOT) the Rainey Street Drowner

Contrary to what John might say, we are not the Rainey Street Drowner, largely because that just doesn’t exist. We discuss the current rumors of an Austin based serial killer, dive into some more of that sweet, sweet AI buzz with a Grimes related incident, and round things off with a stop at the modern day Pinkerton Agency. All that and more, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 225: The Broccoli and Cheese Variant

We’ve got some BREAKING NEWS this week, as we interrupt your normal episode description to let you know that this week’s episode BREAKS some news every segment. That’s right, we’re back in the Zero Credit(s) News Network Studios to bring you all the latest and BREAKING news from last Tuesday. A newcomer to the sonic movies is making waves. A mystery star and company will never speak to each other again. A politician has landed in some spicy water. And the most powerful musician of all time uses her powers…for good? All shall be revealed as we BREAK the news to you, this week on Zero Credit(s).


Episode 157: Butt First

Still recovering from the…you know, let’s not mention it…that happened, Henry and John dive butt first back into the cultural happenings of the Zeitgeist like no other. Henry’s been to the first concert he ever actually enjoyed and boy does he have some thoughts to share about the experience of liking music. I mean, this will probably not be news to anyone who likes music, but for anyone wanting to examine what it’s like for someone who is basically 30 to enjoy live music for the first time, this is a treat. Then we’ve got a good update from our good Gen Z, Zoomer, Zillienial folks in the greatest retort to cockamamie bullshit that certain members of certain economic classes like to spew. It’s great. All of this comes before Zero Credit(s)’s official review of the reviews for Death Stranding. Is it time to stop reviewing new video games and let them be the experiences they want to be? Can we break the cycle between consumer, reviewer, and developer? I’m not sure. I mean, it’s like two decades old at this point. We have it all on this week of Zero Credit(s), as like as “all” is included in what is written here in this description.