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Episode 248: Neil Young et al vs Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson

Texas being iced over doesn’t mean the podcast can stop, so we’re rolling right along in our continuing coverage of the spotify battleground that is Neil Young vs Joe Rogan. A lot has happened since we first covered this story last week, but who will come out the victor in this battle of titans? Also, a bunch of surprising guests are joining the fray. I wonder what the world will look like when the dust settles… Let’s find out, this week on an icy* Zero Credit(s).


*Episode was recorded way before the icy conditions hit Texas and therefore they will not be mentioned during the episode.
**Disclaimer: Due to lack of access, there is no art for this episode. We apologize if this detracts from your listening experience.

Banner Image for Episode 247: We're Too Dumb to Hurt People

Episode 247: We’re Too Dumb to Hurt People

The ZC Boys 23 years after its U.S. debut, Fight Club is available to stream in China via the platform Tencent Video, only this version is just a slightly tad different. Also, a fight is breaking out over Spotify. In one corner, a man who needs no introduction, for no one cares who he is. In the other corner, a man that ostensibly we should know but sadly do not. Who’s going to win – and it’s already been decided that the man who no one cares about has won due to bringing in more listeners. We’ve got that, plus some interesting concepts for new Oreos, right here, on Zero Credit(s).