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Banner Image for Episode 280: Technical Difficulties

Episode 280: Technical Difficulties

Look, we’ve had a good streak going, but it’s finally here: our first bad episode in a long, long while. We’ll cop to it, this episode is a mess. Interference from foreign hackers interrupted our show not once, not twice, but like five times. It grates on the nerves a little. That said, we still try to cover as much of what’s going on as humanly possible. Russian mistakes. Chinese spying. Dave Chapelle. Millie Bobbie Bean. We’ve got most of that and some more crypto related things as well, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 247: We're Too Dumb to Hurt People

Episode 247: We’re Too Dumb to Hurt People

The ZC Boys 23 years after its U.S. debut, Fight Club is available to stream in China via the platform Tencent Video, only this version is just a slightly tad different. Also, a fight is breaking out over Spotify. In one corner, a man who needs no introduction, for no one cares who he is. In the other corner, a man that ostensibly we should know but sadly do not. Who’s going to win – and it’s already been decided that the man who no one cares about has won due to bringing in more listeners. We’ve got that, plus some interesting concepts for new Oreos, right here, on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 153: We Continue Our Normal October Coverage Thanks to Our Dear Sponsor, China

There’s a lot of “facts” going around about certain “countries” stepping on the “freedoms” of certain “individuals” and it’s all a little over our “paygrade” so we’re going to cover the latest breaking news. The Joker movie is a hit? Who do we blame for this? Incels? The media? White straight males? Martin Scorsese? Let’s talk about that instead. Because we have to. It’s on the short list of acceptable topics that we can’t mention is sent to us every week now. Every week now. Ha. Ha. It’s what happens, okay? We can’t–I’m being told to just focus on the episode so I am going to do that. We also discuss other things pertaining to other topics that are normal and acceptable to talk about. We have to issue a correction from last week. We are no longer and have in fact never actually been sponsored by the rude and impolite people of Stamps.com. What a funny mistake that was last week. Please stay tuned for more glorious content sponsored by the one and only People’s Republic of China. Ha. Ha. Ha.