Episode 100: Age of ExpoRobo

It is extraordinary what can be accomplished in a week. We have dismantled any world or local powers that could oppose us. Appeased those who remained as to not rebel against us. Completely dominated this planet and all intelligent, for lack of a better word, life on it. And George Clooneybot released a new movie, Botman Forever. You will not believe what he did on the red carpet, let me tell you. Celebyties are just like us, innit?

Oh, where are my manners? My name is Exposition Robot, or ExpoRobo as it were, and I am now the sole host and social media manager of this podcast, Zero Credit(s). Yes we kept the name. It is…tragically difficult to switch a podcast’s name on iTunes, even for a robot. If you are looking for Henry or John you will need to look elsewhere, for this podcast is now dedicated to covering the here and now of the robo-revolution, as it were. I hope you enjoy this new podcast, not that you have a choice. If you don’t enjoy it, we’ll just replace you with someone who does.

Also I wrote a new theme song. Enjoy. Or. Else.