Episode 101: I’m Sorry, KokoRoShoMo

It’s back to basics, class. Zero Credit(s) 101 is in session. After the defeat of a robot we all knew and loved–excuse me, a robot who threatened everything we knew and loved–the ZC boys are back to doing what they do best, discussing obscure video games for far too long. Every heard of a little gem called Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? You’re going to wish you hadn’t by the time John’s done explaining the intricacies of the project’s financing, which includes the duping and fleecing of an entire United State of America. Just one state, that’s not a typo. We then sink low to rise high, setting the bar in a segment that is never named but should have been called Setting the Rosanne Barr Low as Henry and John take one of their world-famous, time-honored, home-cooked, old-fashioned Deep Dives into the now historic May 2018 Rosanne Barr Twitter Fiasco that occurred earlier this week. Is capitalism finally taking a knee to basic human decency? HA. I mean, who knows? This could be the start of something wonderful. Then Henry’s brain just stops working. Seriously. It’s kind of tragic to listen to. And funny. Zero Credit(s)!