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Banner Image for Episode 281: The Season of Sides

Episode 281: The Season of Sides

It’s the Season of Sides right here on Zero Credit(s), and it’s about time you picked one. Doesn’t matter which, just pick a side. Sweet Potato Pone, Pro-Railway Workers, any of the countries in the World Cup – there’s plenty to choose from. Pick up some sides today and give a listen to us right here on Zero Credit(s), you’ll be happy you did. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Banner Image for Episode 239: The Last Episode of Zero Credit(s) (in November)

Episode 239: The Last Episode of Zero Credit(s) (in November)

Well, this is it. The end of the podcast (in November). Yep, after all this time, we’re finally at the end of our recording sessions (that take place in the month of November). What a way to go out, too. We’ve got so much (not) hard hitting news stories to cover, like a funny misunderstanding on Fox News and the anniversary of the death of Quibi. Let us all take a moment to reflect on what we’re thankful for and say goodbye to Zero Credit(s), once and for all (we’ll be back in December).

Episode 117: Thaaanks

The autumn leaves have fallen and it’s cold everywhere you look–WEATHER UPDATE: Today’s Forecast in Austin, TX, is gonna be HOT HOT HOT. 70° High with no chance for cold anywhere throughout the day. We return you to your normally scheduled podcast description–the snow is falling and the boys are feeling ever so thankful for the things that have changed in their lives in the past year. It’s time to come together and give a hearty and full-bellied “thaanks.”


And then it gets all anti-capitalism and communistic and just becomes a normal episode of the podcast. I mean. The boys tried to keep it apolitical/a-economical. They really did.