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Banner Image for Episode 229: Nin-Taste-O Switch

Episode 229: Nin-Taste-O Switch

Henry’s having a tough week at work, so John’s in charge of the content for this episode. See if you can spot the difference! Several weeks ago, John made a promise. The context being he might be a super-taster, he promised to taste a Nintendo Switch cartridge. Well folks, he finally makes good on that promise. Will John taste anything at all, or will he taste literally the most disgusting thing he’s ever tasted and have it linger in his mouth the entire episode? There’s only one way to find out. Also I think we talked about other stuff, but honestly, I cannot remember.

Episode 97: Cache Me If You Can

It’s a dodgy, freewheeling episode this week. The Boys have a week’s worth of pent-up extra podcast energy and by gum they use it. Both Henry and John are showing dire symptoms of the onset of Marvel Madness leading into the release of the newest trillion-dollar cartoon explosion: Marvel’s Invengers Affinity Ward. John has some pretty solid leads on which characters might be on the chopping block, but Henry thinks killing a paralyzed man might be thematically questionable. Henry is wrong. Then, in a bid for relevancy, they discuss the lyrics of a U2 song, trying to make sense of the flagrant misappropriation of famous ghosts. In this week’s edition of Newstendo, John tells everyone how to steal Switch games. Nice one, John. Zero Credit(s)!