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Episode 175: Let the Big Dog Eat

In far off lands, there lives a tale of a large dog. For centuries, this large dog ate and ate as it pleased, smacking its lips on delicious treats. Then humans came to the large dog and told it that it could no longer eat. The big dog, sad, listened to the humans and stopped eating. Centuries passed and all seemed well. But slowly, the world became worse. Global warming. Disease. Quarantines outside of the Quarantine region of France. The large dog had been protecting humanity from these things for so long as its treats were carbon emissions and diseases.

So please. As John says. Let him be the first one to say, “Let the big dog eat.”

Episode 95: The Purge: Nights

The premise is simple. Under the guise of letting out the nation’s collective aggression, the government established one day a year where none of society’s laws have power over its citizens, thereby allowing the populace to partake in any normally illegal activity consequence free. The movies focus on murder and killing in a horrific 24 hour bloodbath with some undertones of class issues as those with means are safer than those without.

But why stop at murder? Why so kill-centric, The Purge? Why not recruit some of the top minds of the high-end theft world and pull off the biggest heist the world has ever seen with absolute permission if not encouragement from the US Government? This summer, Danny Ocean is back along with thirteen other people to pull of the highest stake heist during the riskiest time of the year. It’s Ocean’s 14: Purge Times aka The Purge: Ocean’s Return and no money is safe.

He. Will. Steal. It. All.

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