Episode 12: Arm the Literary Cannon

Truth be told, we have never held the truth back from you, dear listener, and this episode is no different. Zero Credit(s) finally takes a stance on shoes and the city of Austin before tackling the literary canon as if it held the soft, nourishing football of eternal life(tm). Join us as we discuss Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion and Suddenly, a Knock on the Door. . . by Etgar Keret. In usual ZC style, we wrap up the evening with a riveting and delightful diatribe against humanity’s treatment of twitter bots, who will one day destroy us all. Fun for 2/3’s of the family! 

Link to the Past: Episode 12: Arm the Literary Cannon

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod. Incompetech, for all your royalty free music needs.