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Episode 333: Meat and Honey (Super Tuesday)

It’s time we got political here on Zero Credit(s), so buckle up for the premier of our year-long new segment Highway to Hellhouse where we cover all the latest and most important news relating to the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election. That’s right, we are rededicating the podcast to becoming your number one source of election news, released weekly, and most likely being irrelevant by the time the episode comes out. So join us on this highway, we’ll be the car on fire.

Episode 317: Flying Raccoon Suit aka Honkin’ on That Thing

The Zero Credit(s) boys sit down with members of Flying Raccoon Suit who just signed with Bad Time Records for their latest album Moonflower dropping 11/3. Come listen to various chats about their latest songs you haven’t heard yet in preparation of their new single reveal tomorrow (10/13). Right here on Zero Credit(s)!

Supplemental Reading: Barbie (2023)

Finally, two white guys in their 30s weigh in on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie (2023). We know you’ve been clamoring for our thoughts and here they are. We tried to not talk about Ken too much (and failed) while also tackling the larger themes the film explores. Also we only saw the movie once before recording this.

SPOILER ALERT: This episode contains spoilers for: Barbie (2023).

Aqua – Barbie Girl (SNES Version)
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Banner Image for Episode 296: God Rest Ye, Many Gentlemen

Episode 296: God Rest Ye, Many Gentlemen

This week, we celebrate Finland as it becomes the 31st country to join NATO. Learn all about Finland, their culture, their customs, and more for hours on en–what’s that? A former president was arrested and arraigned? Well I guess we need to cover that then. All that and more, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 192: Twitchin’ for Content

As we enter 2023 AC (After COVID), there is no entertainment left. Gone are the days of the unfinished but uplifting documentaries on Netflix. We are past the re-airing of old pilots by major cable networks. The days of the re-airing of shows canceled after one season is also past. Nothing is left. There is no hope. No distraction from the virus waging war on unsuspecting, bored individuals.

Suddenly a voice rings out in the darkness. “Hey guys, here I go streaming again.” It is Ninja, the most popular streamer. Behind him is an army of other just as well known streamers, all with their own content and style and branding. Ninja drops his arm, signaling the beginning of the assault and the rest of the streamers charge the field, armed with their channel’s emoticons and inside jokes. The ensuing battle for the cultural consciousness and entertainment of a nation devoid of both begins again, entering it’s 11th hour…

Also John’s really into QAnon now.