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Episode 333: Meat and Honey (Super Tuesday)

It’s time we got political here on Zero Credit(s), so buckle up for the premier of our year-long new segment Highway to Hellhouse where we cover all the latest and most important news relating to the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election. That’s right, we are rededicating the podcast to becoming your number one source of election news, released weekly, and most likely being irrelevant by the time the episode comes out. So join us on this highway, we’ll be the car on fire.

Less Than Zero 5: Oops! All Henry

John has fled to the mountains of Colorado, where the winds are cold and the snow is colder, leaving Henry with sole control of the podcast. And instead of planning anything like a guest or a special event, Henry got really into his Fire Emblem Three Houses Maddening Golden Deer run and forgot to do any of that. The result is Henry discussing things for over an hour as he drinks progressively more and more Shiner. Hopefully you like it. If not, the regular podcast should be back soon. Enjoy!


Underclocked by Eric Skiff