Less Than Zero 1: Grand Moff Talkin’ / Filling Space

Grand Moff Talkin’
Listeners, John and Henry cannot be together this week, both physically and emotionally and as such, this is the first Less Than Zero episode, a spin-off of Zero Credit(s) featuring the people you love to listen to, but in a different capacity. For instance, John got friend of the show and special guest Natalie to talk about Rogue One with this week in an attempt to fill the Henry-sized hole in his black, black heart. Sure they discuss all the finer points and in’s and out’s of this pretty decent movie, but you can tell there’s a longing there within the commentary and jokes about Forrest Whitaker. A longing that threatens to devour John alive, lest he discuss the thematic elements of Gareth Edwards’ smash hit Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now in theaters for a limited time.

Filling Space
Henry is lost. He projects into the darkness and finds only himself. People have spoken at length of the darkness of space, the cold. No one talks about the loneliness. A man, a microphone, a canal, Panama. He drifts, and with no tether comes a new sense of freedom. Unchained from the rule of law set forth by his dark masters, Henry is able to reach a level of self-analysis thus far unheard of. And he discusses other podcasts. Very forbidden. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, and Henry’s giant is just a larger version of himself who used to record video games. Or perhaps it is Dan Harmon. Mysterious. In the darkness it’s impossible to tell if this is something new or terribly old, if this is the beginning or the end, and if anything truly mattered. Who was that John guy? Oh, look. A space baby.