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Episode 213 Featured Art

Episode 213: The Ides of Paddy’s Day

In what can only be described as the calm before the Snyder storm, the ZC boys are here to explore Guinness Irish Stout and their mail. That’s right folks, it’s the first ever mail segment here on the show, thanks in part to DrunkTheory (Drunktheory.com), a friendly podcast exploring conspiracy theories and libations. What are the contents of their mysterious package? Let’s find out. The boys also commend Jade Raymond on the launch of her new studio for Sony and take a walk down memory lane to discover just how good Assassin’s Creed was. John says Mommy Milkers like twice in this episode and Henry has no idea what to do with that information… It’s all here! On Zero Credit(s)! Next week: SYNDER CUT SUPPLEMENTAL READING.