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Episode 132: Starn Wars Rise of the Bad Titles

It’s been five years. The Galactic Order marches on. Rey has been doing push ups for three years straight. Who is Rose? This is the voyage of the J.J. Abraprise. To boldly retread the ground that others have tread so well before. The boys are heading to space to discuss all the fast paced, starkiller based news as Star Wars Celebration 2019 happened last week and boy is twitter a battleground. While fans of the series gathered to share their passions and love for this decades long journey, the twitter trolls crawled out from under their groady wooden bridges to harp on the fact that “literal terrorist” Rian Johnson had already killed the time-honored story and no amount of J.J. could fix what that alleged “non-figurative monster” had done. Rian responded as any ill-acting citizen would, with complete and utter joy and love for the series. So who’s in the right? Is The Last Jedi a good movie? Should we be excited for this poorly named Episode IX? We discuss it all this week, and less! on Zero Credit(s) Podcast.


Also for some reason John decided to play the theme music just like directly over Henry’s joke this week and we’re not sure if it’s an artistic choice or he hated the joke. You decide!

Episode 91: The Second Annual Academy Awards Episode Featuring the 90th Annual Academy Awards

We’re out here on the digital red carpet, talking to all the stars as they upload their consciousnesses to the Hollywood Theater Chatroom. We’ve downloaded it all. The Shape of Water, Call Me By Your Name, Ladybird, Dunkrik, others, I’m sure. John and Henry are ex-cite-d to say the least about these 90th Annual Academy Awards and boy is this episode long. Every award is discussed. Each one. Even the technical awards. Because every award matters and skipping commentary on even one of these prestigious awards is a cardinal sin against the house that Chaplin built. Who wins? Who goes home in shame, never to be heard from again until their inevitable next nomination? Who will we see in at least two more movies after their win, as ordained in the Academy Winners Contract? We’ve got the tips. We’ve got the tricks. Everything is here and we don’t have a bit or byte to spare. Let’s blow our budget, it’s Zero Credit(s)!

Supplemental Reading: Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

With last week’s Less Than Zero done, it’s finally time for the first episode of Zero Credit(s) of 2018. But first, here’s a Supplemental Reading on Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi from your favorite hosts Henry and John. The boys come at this movie from conflicting angles to determine what’s the deal with everyone’s reaction to the next installment in this timeless franchise. They cover it all from the meticulous crafting of the smallest of small details in the plot to the overarching statements this movie makes about intertextuality. That’s right, we’re getting back to our SupRed Roots and talking about this movie as more than just a film you watch to enjoy. This movie has a message and we’ll expose it even if we have to remain shirtless for the an entire scene. So grab your BB8 or YY-8 and strap in for a more enlightened and informed look at The Last Jedi that no one asked for.

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