Episode 131: I’m All Out of Urine

Well howdy, stranger. It’s been quite some time since someone visited our lil podcast ranch. Well grab a cup of rye and rest your bones. It’s a hard life out on the trail, no one knows that better than I do. Let me and my horse-rearin’, couch-sittin’ padres spin you a yarn, take your mind off the gila monsters and self-employment. You ever heard of a cowpoke by the name of Lil Nas X? His story is a winding one, full of rustling gatekeepers and intersectionality and TikTok videos. We’ve also picked up a couple tales of this fella named “the Joker,” who everybody seems to care about but for the wrong reasons. Horse tack. Cowboy boots. Et cetera. Giddyapp, Zero Credit(s) doggies.