Episode 67: Oh, I Guess We Have to Do a Nazi Episode Now

The staff of the Zero Credit(s) offices would like to inform our listeners that the unthinkable has occurred: Henry and John have had to record an episode denouncing Nazism. One would have seemed wise to assume that there would never be a time in which two amateur podcast hosts would be duty-bound to publicly come out against Nazis. Oh and also murderers. But, like. Here we are now I guess. The boys get pretty political in this episode which, I feel I should remind you, was deemed a necessary medium to convey the message that Nazis and people who murder other people are bad. Just go ahead and pour yourself a drink, listener, because, man, c’mon. Kick your feet up, get comfy, and sink into this relaxing podcast episode which actually had to come out in opposition to Nazis and murderers. This is the new normal.