Episode 31: What’s Your Wifi Password, Henry?

Schumacher up some champagne because, Sugar, we’re going down. Down to a new episode of Zero Credit(s). In keeping with the continued efforts to maintain maximum freshness, we have procured a Maddi for your listening pleasure. Join the Crew N’ Frenz as they ask the age-old question: “Sports, What’re You Doin’?” Baseball, water polo, no mysterious sport is safe from our analytical gaze. Did someone say “Fall Out Boy?” Because we sure did! At least 5 times. Pull that train back into Ghostbusters Station for a prolonged conversation about prejudice in comedy! Choo choo! Strap on your unqualified opinion cap and step into a nice, warm pool of podcast.

Link: Episode 31: What’s Your Wifi Password Henry?

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com