Episode 33: How to Dispose of Good Podcasts

Oh, dear listener! What a treat awaits! Henry and John are in rare form this night, as they thoroughly flex their ignorance muscles amid a crowd of meticulously fact-checked podcasts. They are generally confused as to how Nepalese people arrive in the United States, but are certain that farts are gross. MYSTERY EMAILER X darkens their doorstep once more to flummox them with unsolvable riddles, and invites them to discuss the nature of riddles. A very dire and well-deserved State of the Human Address targets the narratives that guide us through our lives, and makes a plea for empathy. Finally, they shed all anonymity and enter a post-secrecy world in which their devoted followers are given the credit they deserve. Nothing is hidden, nothing can be the same.

Link: Episode 33: How to Dispose of Good Podcasts

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com!