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Episode 210: The Big Game Fifty-Five

That’s right. Another year, another attempt to use the Big Game as a litmus test of cultural happenings. Does it ever really work? Eh, who is to say? All we know is the game was kind of boring and the commercials were also kind of boring. And in the middle of a pandemic, is it worth gathering 25,000 fans and who knows how many personnel into one close-quarters area for the sake of a kind of boring game? Probably not. Probably wasn’t worth it all, if we’re being honest. Like, we would get more value out of something else that cost this amount of money, to be sure. But all we have is beer and football to show for our efforts. Plus we break down most of the commercials! It’s all here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 116: Medieval Death Bot Meets World

With nothing left to lose in the world in the wake of the midterm elections, John and Henry travel back in time to meet their maker. Several hundred times. Cause when you’re an immortal time traveling duo of know-nothings, there’s nothing like the soothing feeling of being stabbed and overpowered by three other men in the dusty, disgusting alleys of middle age England. Or wherever the Dark Ages happened. Price of knife, 1 shilling. Henry then drinks way too much Andy Gator and tries to ruin everything John has planned. And succeeds? Hm. Who is to say? You should find out. By listening. To the episode.