Episode 69: Frankie Says Be ‘Fraid

I don’t know what I’ve been told, Henry’s getting pretty old. Sound off. One, two. Howdy, Fashionistros and Fashionettes, to this comma-laden episode of Zero Credit(s). Henry, and John, like, discuss the warm glow altruism of birthday well-wishing, and subsequently devise the greatest birthday gaslighting campaign of the century. John, then, gripes about how fashion is expensive and how he’ll never afford shorts. On this week’s installment of What’s Happening in Game of Thrones, Henry gently reminds John that he remembers nothing from the books. John and Henry have made it a condition of their joint will that upon death, all of their unreleased podcasts will be fired into the sun. Seems kinda excessive, but hey will’s are like genies so WE CAN’T ARGUE. Put on your best reverse psychology shirt; it’s time for ZERO CREDIT(S).