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Banner Image for Episode 246: Written in Blood on the Stone

Episode 246: Written in Blood on the Stone

The Zero Credit(s) boys are back at it with following up on new developments to old stories previously covered on the podcast. Vulture published a new article covering Joss Whedon’s fall from grace, but in what light does it paint the once-famed showrunner? Also big moves in the world of video games as companies keep eating one another – who will win the console wars and why is it Taco Bell? These questions and more insanity as John is unleashed on this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 241: Happy Honda Days

Episode 241: Happy Honda Days

As we continue to trudge forward in the No Man’s Land between Thanksgiving and New Years, we come across a number of mass layoffs in different industries that just don’t sit right with us. Henry and John are incensed against this kind of thing, especially at this time of year, so let’s listen to them simmer and stir up their anger while trying to remain professional (doesn’t last long). We also have some brief video game industry updates as well as a really neat update to the upcoming Spiderverse movie, so buckle up and enjoy the Lexus December to Remember Sales Event right here on Zero Credit(s).