Episode 76: The Shining Mountain of Death

Just a little bit further now, I promise. We’ve come so far into the abyss, haven’t we? I doubt we’ll be able to return the same, go back to what we once were. The things we’ve seen change a person. I’ve tried to shield you from most of it. I wonder if you appreciate my…sacrifice. No longer am I the mild-mannered podcast episode description writer I once was. I have been broken down, made to suffer gruesome horror after gruesome horror. Am I better for it? Are you happy you’ve been spared? Why do you keep staring at me with those searching eyes? What are you looking for, my humanity? We’re literally surrounded by beasts, ghouls, and monstrosities and you can’t tear your freaking eyes off me. Oh, is that it? You think I’m the monster here? Not the two self-centered jerks who started this? Who flung open the door of terror so flippantly with no regard for anyone else? Why don’t you go back the way we came. I can see this through on my own. I don’t need anyone else. I’ll put an end to this, once and for all, even if I have to give everything.