Episode 118: Monopoly: Entertainment Conglomerate Edition

Everything is you love is converging into one giant shapeless mass. Hooray! This week the Boys are in top form as they tackle the hard-hitting subject matter of checks notes alcohols they’ve heard of but seldom drank. After that delightful and well-planned adventure, they checks notes jump right into the murky and interminable waters of intertextuality and anti-trust laws when they discuss the all-but-certain checks notes Disney-Fox merger. The real meat of the episode, however, is when the checks notes Boys turn to the eradication checks notes of adult content on Tumblr checks notes dot com. What will they reveal about their feelings toward adult content? Will John suddenly get an epiphany and safe places for people to explore their sexuality? Will we finally learn which of ZC Boys has seen pornography? Find out this week on checks notes WTF with Marc Maron!