Episode 45: Gaslighting Spiderman aka We Forgot to Talk About Star Wars

Through the old rusted pipes of Skype come we, dear Listeners, in this episode of our time-honored podcast. Henry and John are charged up and drop some politically charged knowledge about the state of our nation, the people in charge of it, and how not tolerating “alternative facts” is the new Uncle Sam. They then rewrite the Spiderman theme to better reflect the eight-eyed supervillian’s true colors after John regales us of his harrowing trip to the optometrist. Anna Karenina is mentioned as we dive into the meat of movie magic, with special correction reports from the field by special person-in-the-room-but-not-formally-on-the-episode Jamie. Someone remind us to talk about Star Wars before the episode is over, please, as we will forget before time is up. John really has a lot to say about Star Wars this week, and we wouldn’t want to miss out on what promises to be the best content we have ever produced for the show. No seriously, just reach out and talk to us during the show and remind us to talk about Star Wars. We’re going to get lost in our political talk and Spiderman theme rewrite. So don’t be afraid to just shout out to us as you’re listening to remind us to talk about gee dee Star Wars.