Episode 46: A Nested Anagram for T.W.O. (The World O.R.D.E.R. (of Really Decent, Ethical Reapers))

Voip voip! It’s another Internet Transmission Day from Zero Credit(s)! We’ve got it all* on this week’s episode! Give it a listen!

*The word “all” in this context is exclusive only to things related and applying to: misuse of the word “anagram,” nested acronym pedantry, Dungeons and Dragons creative writing, authorship and the authorship of podcast hosts, meaningless careers filled with yearning for greener pastures, fear, reducing stress, mindfulness, finding happiness within oneself, and video games. Zero Credit(s) is not legally liable for any bouts of depression or minimalism which occur following consumption of this podcast. Terms and lobsters may apply. Redeem today for one free impossible mission. Side effects may include: nausea, nautiluses, cantrips, late title cards, sportsmanship, and becoming the manifestation of destiny itself.