Episode 47: Hyper Bowl Huevos Rancheros Special

It’s all sports this week, folks, so buckle on those pads and strap in that chin protector part of the helmet, cause things are about to get real foot-ball tough. In a spectacular copyright dodging special, Henry and John discuss all the basics of foot-ball, including the rules and regulations that give John the ole Blue 42 run-around. OMAHA. We then dive into the high thrilling halftime before we take a break to discuss the special commercials featured on this high-octane day. KILL KILL KILL. John then calls an audible(.com, please sponsor us), and we dive head first into that longest yard known as Listener Mail. It’s all here. Truly, truly this tiny episode contains all the foot-ball you could want for a full year (when we’ll do it all again). HUT HUT HIKE!