Episode 61: John Discusses G-Gundam Instead of Aunty Donna

It’s a personal week here at Zero Credit(s) as the Henry and John head into the depths of recent loss and the process of insurance claim procedure for the tragic demise of Henry’s Scion Tc. This discussion naturally leads to Austin, TX, as all roads do, where we find the ZC boys have spent quite a lovely weekend together in the blazing heat that is the Austin Summer of 100 Degrees. Somewhere along the line, John forgets that he desperately wanted to talk about legendary Australian sketch comedy group Aunty Donna and starts talking about G-Gundam, a show with boxing robot piloted by a cheap knock off of Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier. Isn’t it kind of weird that he’s “king” of the wild frontier in a country that’s notorious for not liking kings? Wait, how did we allow Burger King to exist this long? It’s tragically too late for any more Aunty Donna description, so I guess we’ll discuss them next time. Sorry Broden, Mark, and Zach, we ran out of time. It’s all going down and around town, right here on Zero Credit(s)!