Episode 73: Kneeful Things

John’s back on his philosophy BS this week, as the boys discuss– Wait. Did you hear that? I guess it’s nothing. Yeah. Ok. Um. Anyway, John has been reading some French stuff about loneliness or whatever, so Henry– Ok I definitely heard something that time. Like… A whining noise maybe. One second.
It must be the plumbing. Or. Or something. So Henry and John talk about the artistry of an effective protest, while contrasting that with the asymmetrical reaction to said protest and… This… They uh… They do a What Did You Watch and John… Ok. Let’s start this description again. Power through. John’s back on his philoAAAAAGG OH NO IT’S A SCARE A SCARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EPISODE DESCRIPTION OH JEEZ IT’S TERRIBLE HOW SCARY THIS IS MY BRAIN IS ON FIRE WITH SCARES MY SKIN IT IS SO HOT FROM SCARES STAY TUNED NEXT MONTH FOR MORE OF THIS OK LOVE YOU BYE ZERO CREDIT(S) BYE0