Episode 121: Two Thousand FIGHT-teen!

It’s a brand new year, fams, but man it doesn’t feel like it, does it? Same planet, same problems, as they say and the ZC boys are full of them (PROBLEMS, THAT IS). Henry and John started 2019 with a hang(over) and boy do they want to lament about it. Does this year feel like the year everything changes for the better? Boy does it not. I mean how can you have a perfect night of drunken reverie in New Year’s Eve only to have that dreamlike wonder shattered by going back to the same job with the same people and the same shittyness? It doesn’t seem fair. 2019 should be a year of change but from where we stand it seems the same. Let’s all hope there’s good things to come cause if there isn’t, well. Listen to the episode and extrapolate forward.

Also John is sober for the entire month of January. Good luck Henry. Good luck trying to be funny sober. I mean you don’t need the luck, but hey, here’s some extra luck just in case. You’re probably plenty funny sober, man. You just gotta have all this luck. Look, there’s more luck in the fridge. I put it in there when you were in the bathroom. It’s already in there so I won’t be taking it back. And if you find some more luck like under the couch cushions or something, you can have it, man. I’m not saying you need the luck, but like, you could use it. Hey, we can all use some luck. Some more than others. Not you though. You could use less. Which is a shame since your apartment is now completely packed with luck. Ha ha, well look at the time. I gotta go. And hey, have a good new year.