Episode 122: A Juicy Start, A Hoppy Bite

Gather now, Brothers and Sisters, for time is short and growing shorter. We, the Arkane Order of Mystikal Magicks and Eldritkch Fpells, have a great deal to discuss. The Super Blood Wolf Moon has since waned and given way to a Normal Clean Nonwolfed Moon, but our Rites and Inkantations on that fateful night have finally begun to bear fruit. In addition to a very successful (but NOT literal, can’t stress that one enough) casting of Bezos Guillotinus, our Soul Gems have informed us that there was enough residual Krystal Energie to imprison the Archdemon Chris Brown in a Parisian Hypergaol. We are now closer to the Revivification of the Kabal than ever before, but we must remain vigilant. Even now, Magister Corbin Bleu’s influence grows, and all we can do is hope our Message will spread to all those who may hear it. Word of The Mouth is the only way we can survive. This gathering of the Arkane Order of Mystikal Magicks and Eldritkch Fpells is now adjourned. We want to wish you a happy week. Clap.