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Episode 243: Best/Worst 2021

Today is the final day of the year and on this day, we reflect on the top ten categories of said year to determine the best and worst things in each category. Why do we do this? To give us insight on whether the year was a good or a bad to place it within the confines of our meager human existence. 2021 is ending now.

If you start listening to this episode at 9:20pm, you’ll be able to finish it with five seconds to spare before midnight.

Episode 206: A New Year’s Bean Dad

We recorded this episode on Tuesday evening, before the events that took place in the Capital happened on Wednesday. In light of said events, we’ll keep this brief, but it’s a new year and another chance to discuss self-improvement. What promises will we make ourselves only to fall short of our own expectations mere days later? Also, what’s a bean dad? We have everything, minus anything relevant to the Georgia election, the Capital Riot, and the general state of the nation right now, right here on Zero Credit(s).