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Banner Image for Episode 300: Zero Credit(s) Cribz

Episode 300: Zero Credit(s) Cribz

Well it’s finally here – episode 300 of Zero Credit(s). And we’ll cut it straight with you. No time traveling plots, no robot uprising. No gimmicks. Just pure, unadulterated Zero Credit(s). We’ve got it all this week from something Henry’s cooked up to a detailing of John’s new house. Also: how to be a sigma male, various facts about camels, and several special guest appearances. That and more, right here on the 300th episode of Zero Credit(s). Thank you all so much for listening.

Banner Image for Episode 234: Hell is Other Camels

Episode 234: Hell is Other Camels (ft. Michael)

The sleep over continues and woes of Brad fill John’s mind. Why won’t he talk to John?  It doesn’t make any sense. With thoughts of why, we summon our second demon of the season to get to the truth of the matter, only to find that the truth might be tricky than we thought. Lies abound as well as the eternal origin and fate of all camels on this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s).