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Banner Image for Episode 227: Give me the Gooey Man

Episode 227: Give me the Gooey Man

When we recorded this episode, OnlyFans had just announced a ban on adult content on their platform. Since the recording of this episode, they have announced a reversal of that ban. So what we have here is an episode recorded in a timespan of banned content and the implications of what it means for those content creators. Try not to shout “NONE OF THIS IS TRUE” at us too much, as we realize the content is no longer valid already, but it’s too late to go back now. We also discuss some of the more insane things happening with COVID-19 and more importantly, what this could mean for the Venomverse’s fate at the hands of Sony executives. All of this and more, here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner image for episode 220: Zero Credits OLED Model

Episode 220: Zero Credit(s) OLED Model

We’ve got an exciting new addition to the Zero Credit(s) family line of products today as we introduce the OLED Model. Now with a crisp 7in OLED screen, you can enjoy our audio-only podcast in a much brighter setting. Also included is a wired LAN port so you can listen to the podcast on the stay without all that pesky buffering. Also included is a Fast and Furious themed game corner and the latest update of our far-flung future franchise – the Venomverse.