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Episode 163: Yes Yeah

Happy 2020 to all our lovely fams out there and buckle up, cause 2020’s all about getting (sober) WEIIIRRRRDDDD. That’s right (both Henry and John have decided to conduct a Dryanuary, where you don’t drink for the entire month of January) we’ve got some great content for you to kick off the new year. The studio is abuzz with anticipation (John actually turned to Henry once they were done recording and asked and I quote, “Is it possible to do this podcast sober? I feel like that wasn’t very good.”) of what this new year has in store for us and we already have a rocky start (Henry had no idea how to answer, as the driver at the wheel of his mind car had long fell asleep at the wheel with none of that exciting, electric energy that drinking gives him). War isn’t good (and would be a cause for one to turn to the drink, so it’s extra hard), but it seems we might be heading in that direction. Also discussed: Horse Games Suck Now and I’m Pissed, a rant penned by reddit user emus-with-teeth. We have it all for you in this first episode of 2020 (including a literal cry for help) and we can’t wait to ring in the new year here, on Zero Credit(s). 

Episode 119: Sober Sunday

The sun is high in the sky and the boys are high dry. It’s Sober Sunday in the Zero Credit(s) Studio (apartment), the holiest of holy days where no one gets drunk, no ways. In this blistering light, there’s only one thing to talk about. DC’s hit television show [citation needed] Legends of Tomorrow featuring all your favorite possibly fake plot lines that end up being real. People sat in a room around a table and discussed these plot lines and decided, yes, these are the ones we are going to put on television for people to see. I don’t care if it’s technically borrowing ideas from Back to the Future 2, I want Caesar to break into a history museum to steal a Roman Sports Almanac so he can make tons of that sweet, sweet Roman dosch. And without the beers, there’s more room for more content in the bellies of your ears! The Oscars are happening again (for some reason) and this time, the scandals are happening BEFORE the actual show (this is always the case, I do not know why Henry insisted on emphasizing the “before,” also I am 110% sure we’ve made this joke already). What’s the scandal? Who’s involved? Do you already know it? Odds are you don’t, because literally no one cared. It’s all here, it’s all beer, wait no it’s not, on Zero Credit(s): Sunday Edition!