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The main episodes of the show.

Episode 312: seplip diplasion

Out of the dog days of August summer and right into the dog days of September summer – Zero Credit(s) is cooling off (a little) and jumping right into the action with Burning Man. What is Burning Man and why is relevant to today’s cultural happenings? Find out by listening to this very episode of Zero Credit(s).

Episode 310: Mama Mi-oving On

In a surprise nice weather weak (read: it was under 100 degrees for one day), the boys meet to discuss: the retirement of Mario-voice Charles Martinet, a new special drink that John is All About(TM), and the legal ramifications of non-human authors. We’ve got all that and more right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 305: The Death of the Internet

Episode 305: The Death of the Internet

The Internet as it was, is no more. Barbenheimer completed their research, resulting in a new social media bomb, one capable of destroying 1000s of Twitters. Or something like that.

Barbie and Oppenheimer are just around the corner, but until then it’s Twitter vs Meta, Elon vs the Zuck. All that and more, right here on Zero Credit(s).